Goodman bidders look to offer lower price

Goodman bidders look to offer lower price

By John Durie -The Australian

The move puts the Goodman board in a difficult position, because having agreed to accept a 71c a share bid the board knows if Wilmar walks away the stock price will slump to 40c a share.

Wilmar and First Pacific are attempting to negotiate a lower offer price for Goodman Fielder which has forced the target company into a trading halt.

It is understood the board has no plan to issue a profit downgrade but, as with Treasury Wine Estates, word of the offer would have increased retailer pressure on the company.

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The bidders had agreed to pay 71c a share subject to due diligence but are now arguing, after looking at the books, the bid is too high and they want to stick to a lower price of below 70c a share.

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