Kicking goals from Brazil to the IT department

By Vic Mankotia

As you relish in every pass and tackle until that final whistle blow, pay particular attention to the way you’re producing and consuming content this football season, and you may be surprised to learn how information technology surrounding the tournament fittingly parallels the application economy.

The countless ways IT is being utilised for this season’s football frenzy can help us draw even deeper insights into the application economy, from big data and infrastructure management to service assurance, all of which are interdependent and could take days to delve into.

The bottom-line is this: every business and industry in today’s economy is being re-written by software and applications, and the only way to stay ahead of the curve and innovate is to invest in an appropriate portfolio of robust and proven software solutions, from Planning to DevOps to Security to Systems Management.

A global sporting event such as this presents an interesting microcosm of the application economy, where our news, entertainment, banking, education and communications industries and more are being driven by a mobile application-based world that sits in the palm of our hand.

To score a winning goal in their business, enterprises must be well-equipped with the tools and skills needed to take advantage of the opportunity the application economy creates for developers, IT organisations, and even the consumer.

Enterprises that invest in a sound API strategy can easily and securely tap into the application economy opportunity, enabling third-party innovation to carry your data and information further than you alone can.

Four billion football fans are expected to tune in to the various matches broadcast ‘live’ around the world, with a third of them expected to do so through mobile apps on smart, connected devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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