Telcos at the security frontline

Telcos at the security frontline

By David Corlette

Analyst firm Frost & Sullivan reported that the SECaaS market in Australia and New Zealand earned revenues of $591. 6 million in 2012 and has forecasted it to reach $1. 61 billion by 2019.   According to Frost & Sullivan  ICT industry manager Cathy Huang, service providers are looking to bundle security services into cloud and mobility service packages to allay security concerns among enterprises regarding the threat exposure posed by the cloud and mobile devices.

Telstra and Optus have jumped on this opportunity and have begun offering security-as-a-service (SECaaS), with the aim of combating security threats such as viruses and malware, and detecting and blocking attacks at the network layer.   With mandatory data retention becoming a reality for many Australian telco providers, properly securing that customer data is fast becoming a hard requirement for all providers.

As a result, customers have scaled back on managed security services, doubtful that their telco can offer them security in a way they can actually leverage and be further protected.   Although challenging, SecaaS can be advantageous as long as we understand the challenges, opportunities and a few best practices for delivering the service effectively.

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