The urgency of Abbott's federation shake-up

The urgency of Abbott's federation shake-up

By Rob Burgess

More than 12 decades later, the Abbott team is going to have to find ways to lead the fractured 'public opinion' expressed in social media, but also fully understand how Twitter, Facebook and all those other platforms (which your dinosaur columnist doesn't use) interact with thought-leaders in the traditional media.

And so, to achieve real reform the government must get on the front foot and start using all media channels to ensure its best ideas are "pressed upon the people", as NSW politician William McMillan said of the Barton-Deakin campaign for federation that he enthusiastically joined.

In the lead-up to 2016, wouldn't it be lovely if journalists and social media thought-leaders could remain mindful that "Australia’s prosperity is living on borrowed time", as Paul Kelly puts it.

With white papers on taxation and the reform of the federation already commissioned, and with their terms of reference designed to dovetail with the controversial recommendations of the Commission of Audit, Prime Minister Abbott and his front bench will have a lot to explain to voters. Can it be done?

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