Agriculture on wish list for significant investor visa holders

Agriculture on wish list for significant investor visa holders

By Maggie Lu Yueyang

Wealthy immigrants under Australia’s significant investor visa (SIV) program are keen to diversify their investments in the country, with an increasing interest being shown in agriculture business, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management vice-president Stephane Cooper told Data Room.

We are now having families come through with us,” he said. “They will start with $5 million and as they become comfortable, after they spend time in Australia, they will start to diversify,” he said. “We know our clients are very keenly looking at agriculture, very keenly actually — looking to acquire businesses and looking to expand businesses as well. "We have helped clients that have been interested in, say, dairy farms,” he added.

Morgan Stanley expects to see $300m fully invested through their program by the end of August, with each applicant committed to investing at least $5m in Australia. “First and foremost it is a safe haven, that is a priority,” he said.

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