Expert questions flight’s Ukraine route

Expert questions flight’s Ukraine route

Mr Bartsch said deciding not to fly over a conflict zone such as Ukraine, Syria, Israel, Libya or Iraq would come at a commercial cost to an airline, because more fuel would be required at a time of high fuel prices. “Obviously with airline operations now, they are increasingly commercially competitive,” he said. “It means that unless they perceive a risk that is sufficient, they are not going to do anything other than the lowest cost route. “I think the problem is if sometimes every other airline is doing it or the majority of airlines are doing it, airlines are drawn into a false sense of comfort, if you like, to think ‘if it is good enough for them, it is good enough for us’.

Singapore Airlines would not say whether it had been flying over Ukraine until the incident occurred. “We generally have a number of pre-existing flight paths for our flights to and from the destinations that we are operating to,” a Singapore spokeswoman said. “At this point, we are no longer using Ukrainian airspace and have re-routed all our flights to alternative flight paths that are away from the region.

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