New Australian-Made Watermarking Tech Could Kill Music Piracy

New Australian-Made Watermarking Tech Could Kill Music Piracy

By Luke Hopewell

Lead Researcher, Associate Professor Yong Xiang, believes that 95 per cent of Australia’s music downloads can be traced back to piracy, adding that there are 2. 8 million Aussies getting away with it today. “This causes enormous amounts of lost sales revenue and royalties to producers, musicians and other performers,” Associate Professor Xiang said, adding that this new watermarking technique could actually be used to score piracy convictions from those dealing in illegal music. “What we did was to enable music file owners and relevant law enforcement authorities to use a secret key to extract the watermark data from the watermarked multimedia object. “Watermarking technology can be used to prove copyright ownership, trace the source of illegal distribution and verify the authenticity of files,” he said.

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