Palmer stymies carbon tax repeal, flies to NZ, walks out of interview

Palmer stymies carbon tax repeal, flies to NZ, walks out of interview

By Emma Griffiths

“The Government will seek to do everything it can to facilitate the passage of the repeal, in a manner that will allow the Palmer United Party amendments to be moved in the House of Representatives and then come through to the Senate next week,” Government leader in the Senate Eric Abetz told reporters shortly after losing the vote.

The leader of the Palmer United Party began the day by unexpectedly announcing that his three Senators would not vote to repeal the tax today because the party had been “double-crossed” by the Coalition.

At the eleventh hour, the Government’s hopes fell foul of a Palmer United Party decision to withdraw support because its leader Clive Palmer claimed it had been “double-crossed” by the Coalition.

After skewering the Government’s attempts to kill off the carbon tax in the Senate, Clive Palmer has walked out of an interview with the ABC‘s 7. 30 program when questioning turned to his legal battle with a former Chinese business partner.

No-one knows what the next week will bring for the carbon tax repeal, and that’s because no-one, including the Government, knows what Clive Palmer wants, writes Darrin Barnett.

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