‘This Is To Watch Netflix': NZ ISP Opens Up About Its In-House VPN

‘This Is To Watch Netflix': NZ ISP Opens Up About Its In-House VPN

By Campbell Simpson

Hamilton said that users actually signing up for Netflix or Amazon Prime or Hulu — a process which requires a valid US billing address — was up to them, and that Slingshot was effectively only providing unrestricted access to those sites. “This is just enabling people to consume those services if they want to.

Of Australia’s ISPs, iiNet is the most vocal about the topic, with chief regulatory officer Steve Dalby recently putting it quite bluntly: “Using a proxy service is child’s play, literally. “VPN services are, once again, child’s play to use, just by installing the software and clicking a button to mask location and hide activities from prying eyes.

Signing up with a false address is a breach of those services’ terms and conditions, but it’s not a breach that can be easily checked or enforced; it also doesn’t stop the up to 200,000 Australians (according to estimates in Variety) who currently access Netflix through various VPN services like UnoTelly, UnblockUS and HideMyAss.

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