A climate change convention: Clive Palmer really knows how to mess with Abbott's mind

By Michelle Grattan

On another front, Palmer put Abbott in his place on renewables, after a report the PM wants to scrap the renewable energy target. “They can’t do anything unless we agree with it, basically, and we’ve said we’re not going to get rid of the RET.

As Palmer put it on Monday, after sending Joe Hockey’s chief of staff Grant Lovett on his way to do more work on budget measures, the government had found it quite surprising that it did not have the power to govern – that it had to go to PUP on things.

The government’s frustration about the budget logjam was evident in comments by Trade Minister Andrew Robb to The Australian about sovereign risk. “We are in the process of desperately trying to restore our gold standard.

As if this wasn’t enough pain, Palmer announced he was convening a “world climate change convention” on November 17, immediately after the G20, focused on the need to have an international emissions trading scheme.

If Palmer sticks to his position it is an argument that can only have downside for the Coalition – it won’t be able to make the change it might wish but will come under fire anyway (renewable energy is popular with the community).

Read more here: Business Spectator


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