Abbott slammed for Scotland comments


The Australian Prime Minister's comments are the strongest yet by a major foreign leader on the Scottish independence debate. "He's previously insulted the indigenous people of Australia, he's insulted women in Australia, now he's insulting Scots Australians — I don't know if there'll be anybody left for Mr Abbott to insult," Mr Salmond told the BBC on Saturday. "Mr Abbott's comments are hypocritical because independence does not seem to have done Australia any harm. "They are foolish, actually, because of the way he said it.

Mr Abbott prefaced his controversial remarks by stating "not for a moment do I presume to tell Scottish voters which way they should vote". "But as a friend of Britain, as an observer from afar, it's hard to see how the world would be helped by an independent Scotland," Mr Abbott told British newspaper The Times on Saturday. "I think that the people who would like to see the break-up of the United Kingdom are not the friends of justice, the friends of freedom, and the countries that would cheer at the prospect … are not the countries whose company one would like to keep.

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