ACCC muscles AFL over hidden charges

The consumer watchdog was concerned that the AFL and certain clubs used marketing material that was likely to mislead consumers about the price and benefits associated with membership. "In the ACCC‘s view, the material was likely to have created the impression that the membership fee entitled a member to attend a specified number of games for no additional cost.   In fact, AFL members and general admission AFL club members were required to pay additional costs in order to attend ‘reserve’ classified games that had originally been promoted as part of their membership entitlements. "The additional costs were between $8. 50 and $39 for general admission AFL club members and $7. 50 for AFL members. " The ACCC said in a statement this morning.

A number of AFL clubs also made changes to their websites in response to the regulator’s concerns. "The key issue of concern to the ACCC was the lack of disclosure to consumers by the AFL and some clubs about additional costs to attend some games prior to them purchasing their AFL or club memberships," ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said. "The AFL and clubs are now on notice that the Australian Consumer Law applies to them, and that the ACCC expects disclosure of these types of additional costs to be made in a way which is clear, prominent and immediately proximate to any representations regarding the price and benefits of membership. "It is important that consumers considering whether to purchase an AFL or club membership are making this decision on the basis of complete information about the cost and benefits of membership," Mr Sims said.

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