AMD Radeon R7 SSD: Australian Review

By Campbell Simpson

Drawing on some of AMD’s gaming heritage and the Radeon brand, it’s designed for the mainstream PC enthusiast market — the kind of person that might build their own gaming PC (although not a top-of-the-line one), or for someone looking for a high-speed drive to upgrade their existing system without a commensurately high price tag.

There has been a slight downgrading in outright transfer rates from the announcement to the drives’ retail release — from 550MBps/530MBps read/write to 550MBps/500MBps read/write on the 240GB and 480GB versions, and from 550MBps/470MBps to 550MBps/430MBps on the 120GB variant — but in terms of the numbers on the box to the numbers in CrystalDiskMark, everything roughly lines up — I clocked 542MBps read and 492MBps write, which minus the usual overhead is completely consistent with AMD and OCZ’s stated numbers.

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