AMD’s New Radeon SSDs Appeal To The Average Gamer

By Campbell Simpson

If you don’t have a setup like that (and most people won’t, since Intel has been pretty dominant in processors in the last few years, that’s fine — the Radeon SSD isn’t tied in any way to using an AMD CPU or a Radeon graphics card; it’ll be perfectly at home in an Intel system running Nvidia graphics.

It’s not the most powerful drive, [but] we want something that’s a sensible combination — and that’s why we chose the R7 name, we just think it fits. ” R7 is, of course, a reference to AMD’s mid-range Radeon R7 graphics card line-up, currently spanning the cheap R7 240 to the mainstream R7 265.

AMD is giving its SSDs a four-year warranty, versus the competition’s three years or less, which it hopes will be another selling point. 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB capacities will be available; there’s no 1TB option, reflecting the R7′s mainstream appeal — although potentially annoying anyone keen on using the R7 as an all-in-one system drive.

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