An Atlantic alternative to deep ocean warming?

By Roz Pidcock

But Meehl and other scientists who work in this area don't agree the Atlantic Ocean mechanism dominates over the Pacific one in terms of causing the hiatus. "I still think the Pacific Ocean is playing the lead role in this ocean heat uptake but this study is important as it points to an additional role from the Atlantic and Southern Oceans. "Given the available evidence, the IPO in the Pacific seems to be the main driver of the hiatus, and past hiatus periods as well.

The new research uses data from ARGO floats – a network of free-floating buoys travelling the world's oceans taking temperature measurements in the top 1500m. "[Our data] shows that during the 21st century, the increased [ocean heat uptake] below 300m occurs mainly in two ocean basins: the Atlantic and the Southern Oceans … The Pacific shows very little change".

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