ASIC blocked 250,000 websites over IP address misunderstanding

By Pat McGrath

In a submission to a parliamentary inquiry looking into which government agencies should have the power to block access to websites, ASIC revealed the staff who ordered the blocks did not realise that suspending access to the site would affect many more hosted on the same internet protocol (IP) address.

Technology commentator Stilgherrian said it was reasonable to expect that people working in ASIC‘s department responsible for blocking access to criminal websites would understand that one IP address can host more than one website.

“People are innocent until they’re proven guilty, and we shouldn’t have possibly an overzealous official in the Australian Federal Police, or in ASIC, or in a trade practices regulator, a consumer protection agency - or even in the RSPCA - to be able to, for example, take particular information off the net for practical purposes, remove websites, take them offline because, well ‘I think it’s a good idea'”.

Read more here: ABC


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