Barnett again lashes GST


Mr Barnett said he was not concerned that senior federal liberals had not heard his complaints at the conference. "I think people heard me," Mr Barnett said. "At a very minimum, the Commonwealth should accept responsibility for its territories — the Northern Territory and the ACT, as they used to.

West Australian Premier Colin Barnett has used the annual state Liberals conference to criticise GST distribution again, labelling the system "a disgrace".

The premier said each portfolio had a clear agenda and had delivered reforms in all areas including industry, economic development and environmental policy. "It has been a very broad agenda," he told the conference.

Mr Barnett said WA's $22 billion debt was "good debt" as it was being used to build long-term assets such as schools, hospitals and the airport rail project.

Mr Barnett said the GST had "degenerated" into a federal tax on WA. "We lose $3. 7 billion a year … the system is fundamentally broken," he said.

Mr Barnett said the Liberals also had a "talented and eager" back bench, which put the government in a strong position.

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