Bishop talks not monitored: PM


Opposition finance spokesman Tony Burke said he was aware of a report of this incident. "From the reports that we have seen the intelligence agencies have taken it seriously and are dealing with it," he told reporters in Sydney.

Sensitive discussions between Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and Prime Minister Tony Abbott were conducted over secure phone lines and were not monitored, the Prime Minister says.

Mr Abbott said he hadn't discussed this with Ms Bishop. "It's well known that some countries do seek to, I suppose, target the phones of significant members of the Australian government.

But I can assure the Australian people that the very significant discussions that Julie Bishop was part of with me and with other members of the National Security Committee in recent times were all done over secure lines.

The Herald Sun said Australian intelligence officials seized the phone when she returned from a trip negotiating access to the MH17 crash site in the Ukraine.

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Australian intelligence agencies know which country those responsible for compromising the phone were from, the Herald Sun report said.

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