Bookstores shake off the dust jackets

By Aron Lewin

This is despite Roy Morgan Research showing ereader ownership in Australia has increased from 2 per cent in 2011 to 14. 3 per cent by June 2014. “We don’t sell ebooks or ereaders because we feel it is more our speciality to be equipped to sell good books” she says. “A lot of our customers have both, so they will read books and have a device for when they are travelling, so it hasn’t impacted on us in a huge way. “It is a more complicated [issue] than the media portray it to be.

While the revenue for bookstores has declined at an annual rate of 8. 5 per cent, online book sales have increased by 26 per cent since 2009. “I’ve always been a book man,” he says. “So, when I retired about 20 years ago, I thought that I must do something for the rest of my life, and I might as well do something that I enjoy.

But for Syber’s, digital disruption is a double-edged sword. “It has made it easier for you to go online and find a book that I don’t have,” Mr Sybers says. “That doesn’t mean we are a bad bookshop, it’s just that nobody has sold us a copy that is in good condition.

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