Call for broader hold on data

By Fran Foo

Mr DeWalt, CEO and chairman of IT security firm FireEye and former president and CEO of McAfee, said while he backed data retention laws, he questioned the length of time ISPs would be made to hold the information. “I’m an advocate of data retention rules,” he told The Australian during a visit to Sydney last week. “Is two years the right number? I’m not sure.

Mr DeWalt also called for security standards for the “internet of things” — where mere objects can communicate directly with each other over a network — saying even smart TVs could be hijacked virtually to launch a denial of service attack.

He said the lack of built-in security in the internet of things was a major concern since “literally trillions of IP-addressable devices that can connect to the internet” offer no protection from hackers. “When you start to look at the gentrification of our infrastructure to the internet, it’s amazing to watch,’’ he said. “Our dependence on the internet is tremendous and if there’s an outage, crisis or (cyber) attack of (a device’s) information, it could have catastrophic ramifications.

Mr DeWalt lamented the fact that consumer electronic manufacturers did not “put any security into these things”. “We end up with smart televisions with over-the-top IP capabilities … you’ve just attached another computer to the internet,” he said.

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