Call for inquiry into Warburton Review

By John Conroy

According to Fairfax, Lane Crockett, executive general manager at Pacific Hydro, said retention of the RET was an election promise, and that any reduction would be devastating to the clean energy industry. "This is a bizarre situation to be in – it was a promise by this government before the election to keep the RET," Mr Crockett said. "Frankly, if they do this, I would call for a Senate inquiry into what's gone on," he told the news service. "There's certainly the numbers in the Senate to get an inquiry up.

The RET Review report is set to be released today, the news service said, with Senator Milne saying a reduction would be "economic vandalism" and that the process had already created "investor uncertainty" and sovereign risk, while Infigen investor relations manager Richard Farrell reiterated PacHydro's call for compensation in the event of a scaling back of the 41,000GWh target for 2020.

Wind developer Pacific Hydro says an inquiry should be held into the Warburton Review of the Renewable Energy Target if it is recommended the scheme is changed, why Greens leader Christine Milne has said any change to the policy would be "economic vandalism", Fairfax reports.

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