Coalition's data retention regime to leave URLs alone

By Supratim Adhikari

The Coalition’s proposed mandatory data detention regime is reportedly going to leave the web histories of Australian citizens alone for the time being, according to a discussion paper doing the rounds in Canberra.

The metadata wishlist does, however, cover financial records, home and ­internet-protocol addresses and download volumes, The Australian reports, citing the discussion paper.

The discussion paper spells out the metadata that the Attorney-General’s department would like to be retained by the internet service providers and The Australian reports that web histories will not be captured under the new laws.

The discussion paper provides the first indication of the type of data telcos and ISPs will be forced to retain for two years and could be the first step in rehabilitating some of the damage caused by the government's witless handling of the situation earlier this month.

The discussion paper has no clarity on where social media sites and instant messaging applications fall within the proposed regime, The Australian reports.

While the discussion paper is a good start, the report in The Australian does show continuing deficiencies in the process.

Read more here: Business Spectator


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