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By Jackson Hewett

Alan has been a trusted source of investment advice to Australians for many years, and in 2005 he founded Eureka Report - Australia’s #1 online investment report.

Not only will the 'end of the mining boom' barely register in Australia’s unemployment figures, but the surging residential construction sector is already boosting jobs growth.

Those urging the Federal Reserve and other central banks to raise their cash rates in line with economic recovery have missed the point: these days the game is about warding off deflation, not inflation.

Along with Robert Gottliebsen and Stephen Bartholomeusz, Alan also founded Business Spectator, the popular business news and commentary website.

China's obsession with 'GDPism' has led to chronically distorted economic figures that give a skewed view of the world's second largest economy.

A new report reveals which power retailers pay their customers nothing for power exports, or refuse to go beyond the bare minimum required by regulators - with the sector's efforts generally 'not pretty'.

Strong retail figures have been hailed as a welcome rebound following recent budget-induced uncertainty, but beyond the headline numbers some startling patterns emerge.

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