Ensuring solar (plus storage) equals social progress

By Alex Houlston

In terms of storage, the story is that it’s not cost-effective yet but there is movement at the station.  Vector, one of the largest energy companies across the Tasman, recently completed a pilot program offering leased solar with storage packages ('SunGenie') to the residential market, paving the way for integrated behind-the-meter energy services.

Another way is to change energy market regulations, as per the Australian Energy Market Commission's ‘Power of Choice’ report, which advocated (among many other things) disaggregating energy services behind the customer’s meter – this would support new business models and greatly increase competition in the market.

Democratising our energy market, with customers having a greater say in how they generate, store and use energy, provides a foundation for ensuring that 'solar plus storage' equals social progress.

We can leverage new energy models that bridge the commercial and social divide, to democratise the energy market through increased citizen-participation (we have one of our own for solar – check out  ).

Green Energy Trading’s recent report found that “in almost all cases, the top 10 postcodes in each state (with solar installations) had an average taxable income lower than the state average”, and regional areas have much higher concentrations of installations (in the more populated states) than in the capital cities.

We need energy for the people, by the people – a new democratic story for our energy supply, which ensures the whole clean energy system is financially and socially sustainable, and bridges the historical tensions between left and right, no matter how rich or poor.

Read more here: Business Spectator


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