European markets rally at the open


But Russia on Monday said that "certain progress" was reached on all issues discussed at Ukraine crisis talks in Berlin between the two countries' foreign ministers and their counterparts from Germany and France.

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The foreign ministry said the sides focused on ways to quickly halt fighting and establish Ukraine's control over its border with Russia as well as deliver aid to civilians and begin peace talks.

Europe's stock markets mostly slid on Friday as news that Ukrainian artillery had destroyed part of a Russian military column spooked investors.

In Paris, the CAC 40 jumped 1. 28 per cent to 4,227. 88 points on Monday and London's benchmark FTSE 100 index won 0. 50 per cent to stand at 6,722. 72 compared with Friday's close.

European stock markets have rebounded strongly at the start of trading, with Frankfurt's DAX 30 index surging 1. 41 per cent to 9,220. 99 points.

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