Family wins review of VW Golf crash death inquest

By Amy Bainbridge

“If official consumer bodies were writing to Volkswagen six months to prior to the inquest about 124 official complaints about Golf and Polo vehicles representing a systemic problem, we think that is data that is new data that should be considered by the coroner”.

Mr O’Donnell says when the coronial hearing took place, they were not aware other VW drivers had reported power loss issues with their cars.

Mr O’Donnell says the family has asked for a review in light of the “new data” on VW problems that has been obtained since the hearing finished.

The family of a Melbourne woman killed when her car appeared to suddenly lose power on a freeway has won the right to an independent review of the coronial inquest into her death.

Ms Ryan’s mother Liz O’Donnell says the family is prepared for the fact that they may never find the answer to what happened to Melissa’s car.

Part of the family’s brief they have written as part of their review request is more than a dozen statutory declarations from VW drivers who say they experienced sudden power loss in their cars.

“Volkswagen declare to the coroner they had no knowledge of prior problems with their cars and we believe that there is a fair amount of data that indicates otherwise,” he said.

The truck driver told last year’s inquest into her death that Ms Ryan’s car stopped suddenly with no brake lights.

Melissa Ryan, 32, was killed on Melbourne’s Monash Freeway in January 2011 when her Volkswagen Golf was hit from behind by a truck.

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