Few women in top WA jobs result of ‘perfect storm’

The Filling the Pool report commissioned by the Committee for Perth follows figures released last week showing that the wage gap in the state is also the worst in the country with men paid 25 per cent more than women.

Dr Fitzsimmons said issues for women included discrimination, lack of mentoring, the glass cliff where women opt out, the double bind where men can exhibit soft and hard leadership but women could not, division of labour with women doing more household chores, and the fact they are over represented in the lowest paid sectors.

Dr Fitzsimmons said even if an organisation was highly structured, “men tend to sit at the top of the bands, and women tend to sit at the bottom of the bands, and that accounts for another 10 to 15 per cent”.

He accessed major accounting, law and resources companies in Perth, and interviewed 150 women, ranging from CEOs to senior managers and recent graduates to identify whether they were finding it difficult to advance, and why such a large pay gap exists.

The number of women in key management positions in Western Australia is lower than anywhere else in the country, a preliminary report has found.

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