Former NSW police minister accused of organising illegal donations


The ICAC heard he was a member of a group who concocted a scheme to have campaign service providers invoice third parties, who were prohibited from making political donations. "If, for example, a media company did work for the campaign, that invoice could be sent through a prohibited donor," ICAC Commissioner Megan Latham inquired. "I was certainly involved in it," Mr Thomson said, adding there were other Liberal ploys like the "sale of artwork for inflated prices".

Hugh Thomson said the businessman was organising illegal donations to the NSW Liberal Party with ex-NSW police minister Mike Gallacher before the 2011 state election. "We … either would have referred to him as Tinkler or The Big Man, Big Fish, Big Whale, whatever," Mr Thomson told the Independent Commission Against Corruption on Wednesday. "Either Tim Owen or Mike Gallacher told me about the ($120k) donation, but I understand Mike was the one making it happen.

In mid-December 2010 Mr Thomson texted Mr Gallacher asking "How's our Big Man going with the $120k," documents tendered at the ICAC show. "At the time I was not sure who the Big Man was but I suspected that the Big Man was Nathan Tinkler," Mr Thomson said. "This was common parlance for Nathan Tinkler as he was both literally and metaphorically a big man. "I first became aware from Mike Gallacher that there was a large donor who was going to contribute to the Newcastle campaign.

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