Gizmodo Camera Buying Guide 2014: Everything You Need To Know

By Campbell Simpson

If you can already take a great photo using your new digital camera in its automatic or semi-manual shooting modes, why not go the whole hog and try out entirely manual photography?

Mirrorless digital cameras take the best parts of a DSLR and shoehorn them into an almost-compact-camera sized chassis, giving you a portable shooter that can capture photos you’d be happy to share online or print.

Dabbling with different types of photography, or diving into manual settings, sometimes requires a camera a little better than entry-level.

If you haven’t bought a camera within the last couple of years, you’d be forgiven for being a little confused when you walk into your local camera store.

Here are some of the crucial things you need to know if you’re thinking of buying a new camera.

If you’ve been taking photos for a while, chances are you’re already reaching the limits of what your camera can do.

There are dozens of different cameras on store shelves today, everything from the most basic point-and-shoot to the most high-end professional digital SLR.

What do you get from buying a more powerful, more versatile, maybe slightly more expensive mirrorless camera or DSLR?

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