Govt blames budget for reduced G20 agenda


Ms Plibersek said the communique from last year's G20 meeting stressed the importance of "balanced, inclusive and sustainable growth" but following February's G20 Finance Ministers Meeting in Sydney, the word inclusive was dropped from the agenda for the Brisbane summit in November. "The reason that it's not on the agenda for the G20 is because the reception of this year's budget has been very poor, and the reason why it's been poor is there's a general perception in the community that it's not a fair budget," she said. "To have world leaders talking about equality, inequality, the brake on economic development that comes with growing inequality, wouldn't suit the domestic political agenda.

Ms Plibersek said Mr Abbott's refusal to put climate change on the agenda for the Brisbane summit was at odds with other world leaders, including US President Barack Obama. "Nobody expects the G20 to be the meeting where people make binding commitments or talk about how exactly each country is going to reduce its climate emissions but what the G20 can be is a statement that the G20 members understand that this is a pressing economic issue. "By contrast the United States is setting a very good example in this area.

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