GP co-payment a 'windfall': Dutton


He questioned why both groups should be excluded when they were required to make a contribution to taxpayer-subsidised medicines. "Sometimes you've got to pay something to appreciate what you're getting," he said. * From July 1, 2015 the Medicare benefit will be reduced by $5 for all GP visits. * A patient contribution of $7 will be introduced and collected by doctors. * Once concessional patients, such as pensioners, and children under 16 years of age, co-pay for 10 visits the Medicare benefit will be restored. * The bulk bill incentive for GPs will cease for some GP consultations, pathology and diagnostic imaging services. * $5 of every co-payment to be funnelled into a medical research fund. * A minimum $6. 15 co-payment that applies to all patients. * The government to pay the co-payment for concessional patients. * In regional and rural areas the government contribution will be $9. 25. * Doctors may continue to charge more than the co-payment amount, as is the case now. * No obligation on GPs to charge a co-payment for Medicare-funded chronic disease services, health assessments and mental health treatment items. * Co-payment won't count towards the Medicare safety net thresholds. * Defer for at least two years a co-payment on pathology and diagnostic imaging services. * No money from primary health care for a medical research fund. (Source: Australian Government; Australian Medical Association).

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