Hunt and Solar Council chief trade barbs

By John Conroy

However, Mr Grimes said Mr Hunt had rung him to to ask that he shut-down the marginal seats campaign, adding that if the council didn't stop the movement "he would be launching a pointed public attack on me and my character". "It's an extraordinary outburst … it shows this government will apply any pressure to stop this movement," Mr Grimes said. "We wouldn't proceed with it [the campaign shutdown] so under pressure on this issue, he has to attack my credibility.

Mr Hunt was interviewed immediately after, and said the council's take on the RET Review was different to what Mr Grimes had expressed to him one week earlier, after the minister had said the government remained committed to the target. "I think John Grimes should be utterly ashamed of himself today, he is somebody who says one thing in private, another thing in public," Mr Hunt said.

Interviewed on ABC Radio ahead of the council's launch of its pro-Renewable Energy Target national marginal seats campaign, which begins in the Queensland seat of Petrie tonight, Mr Grimes accused Prime Minister Tony Abbott of intervening in the review of the RET, pushing for its abolition after indications were that the review panel would recommend a paring back of the scheme.

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