If You’re Going To Rip Off Australian Gamers, At Least Hide Your Tracks

By Mark Serrels

He told me that during the absolute peak of the Australian dollar — when we had parity and were collectively howling at the moon about pricing disparities — even then Australians, per capita, among the highest percentage of people buying video games on Steam.

The only way this is going to change — like seriously change — is if the government gets involved or — gasp — we as a community stop buying the video games we want to play.

If you’re going to make us pay a whole bunch more for video games in this country, at least do us the courtesy of pretending that it isn’t a random, massive rort.

Therefore I have a request: if you’re going to continue charging us more for digitally distributed video games, and it looks as though you are, please do us the courtesy of hiding your tracks.

It tells us that no publisher is going to stop charging us more for video games if we keep buying them at inflated prices.

Read more here: Gizmodo


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