Investment into China slumps in July


In the first seven months of the year, investment from Japan crashed 45. 4 per cent to $US2. 83 billion ($A3. 06 billion), with that from the EU slumping 17. 5 per cent to $US3. 83 billion ($A4. 14 billion) and from the US down a similar 17. 4 per cent to $US1. 81 billion ($A1. 96 billion).

For the first seven months of the year it was up 4. 0 per cent to $US52. 55 billion ($A56. 86 billion). "This is the first growth since February this year, after the impact of big projects last year waned," the ministry said.

But investment from South Korea — which has been enjoying closer diplomatic ties with China — rose 34. 6 per cent to $US2. 92 billion ($A3. 16 billion), and from Britain, the home of troubled pharmaceutical giant GSK, soared 61. 2 per cent to $US730 million ($A789. 83 million).

China's own overseas investment in non-financial sectors leaped 84. 9 per cent year-on-year in July, to $US9. 21 billion ($A9. 96 billion), the ministry said.

FDI — which excludes investment in financial sectors — fell 16. 95 per cent in the month to $US7. 81 billion ($A8. 45 billion), the commerce ministry said.

The fall saw FDI in the first seven months decline 0. 35 per cent to $US71. 14 billion ($A76. 97 billion), eliminating a small increase at the half-year stage.

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