JB Hi-Fi clobbered by a falling iPad

The trouble for JB Hi-Fi is that the slump in tablet sales (and iPad sales in particular) is largely responsible for a 3. 2 per cent drop in sales revenue and 5. 5 per cent fall in like for like sales in July 2014.

Tech industry research group IDC - an acknowledged information gospel in this area - has recently revised down its global sales for tablets for calendar 2014 to a growth rate of 12. 1 per cent (there was 51. 8 per cent tablet growth in 2013).

More specifically, the fall in sales of Apple’s iPad is the single biggest reason that JB Hi-Fi’s revenue numbers were soft in the final quarter of 2014 and fell in July.

Murray says the first half of financial year 2015 will be affected by the drop in tablet sales, even though he predicts the full year sales will be up around 3 per cent.

Apparently the hot new product in the electronics market is the uber-large televisions and of course the release of the iPhone 6 will provide some sales bounce, as will some new games consoles that are due out before Christmas. (Having said that a large proportion of those new iPhones will be sold directly through Apple or stand alone phone outlets on plans).

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