Murray: 5000 submissions, one complaint

As well as raising his concerns at Murray inquiry public consultations in Sydney and Brisbane, he sent a message explaining his arguments against surcharging to each of his signatories and asked them to put in a submission to the inquiry. "I got hundreds of replies, some sent me their submissions and some just said they would," he said. "I was able to encourage as many as I could to make a submission to the inquiry. "I am just a businessman that got pissed off, now I find myself embroiled in a very interesting campaign. "It shows how incredibly unhappy consumers are about the appearance of these surcharges.

The managing director of 1stAvailable, an online healthcare booking service, and former head of sales and marketing at Hostworks, has mounted a one-man campaign to ban businesses surcharging their customers for the fees businesses pay their bank for accepting credit cards.

Although his and all other businesses pay for the cost of issuing credit cards to consumers via their bank, Mr Bartosch said it is a cost of doing business, just as handling cash is. "There are many other costs of doing business.

In June the ACCC took Jetstar and Virgin Australia to the federal court alleging misleading and deceptive conduct for "drip pricing" their high transaction fees at the very end of an online booking.

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