NBN’s Mixed Technology Is Creating Mixed Messages

By Matthew Sorell

On the other hand, the transit network — high capacity links between the 121 points of interconnect, the connection points that allow retail service providers and wholesale service providers to connect to NBN Co access capability — is ahead of schedule with 115 of points of interconnect connected.

NBN Co, tasked with building the National Broadband Network (NBN), yesterday released its 2014 Annual Report, showing a three-fold increase in activated premises (210,000 up from 70,000) and a doubling of serviceable premises (from 227,000 to 552,000).

The other factor at play is that the change of tack from Labor’s fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) plan to a mixed technology solution, which involves running fibre to cabinets (nodes) in the street and copper from nodes to houses, clearly caused major project delays while NBN Co had to stop work and start largely from scratch.

But because of the multi-technology mix approach now being adopted, the number of premises serviceable is now either inflated, or accelerated, by including other access technologies.

There are several troubling aspects in these numbers. 2014 was supposed to be the year when the number of premises passed would nearly triple to 1. 68 million, and the number of active connections would jump from 92,000 to 551,000.

NBN Co now reports the number of premises serviceable: a figure intended to represent the number of premises where there are no significant technical obstacles to the premises being connected, should the customer choose to do so.

NBN Co’s latest annual report shows more Australians can access its broadband services than ever before — but not all the numbers are so impressive, as Matthew Sorell from the University of Adelaide explains.

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