Palmer defends son's right to run for PUP


Dr Douglas said that since the federal election, the PUP had been morphing into a one-man roadshow. "For the past 15 months there has been no formal state party structure for me to work with and no commitment to policy formation," he said. "Mr Palmer actively sought to prevent the formation of policy, he prevented the membership's input, and members have not been allowed to conduct meetings anywhere in the state.

Dr Douglas said he was shocked by the extent of Mr Palmer's nepotism and cronyism, and the lack of due process in selecting candidates. "Ordinary members have been excluded in favour of Palmer staff, his family and his family friends," Dr Douglas told reporters on Tuesday. "I could not support a campaign run with candidates who would be nothing more than mouthpieces for Mr Palmer.

He called Dr Douglas a "two-faced bastard" whose position was compromised when it came to politics and family relationships. "Because his wife stood for the (federal) seat of McPherson (at last year's election)," Mr Palmer said. "And people do not lose their democratic rights because they are friends of mine, or because they are my son, they're still entitled.

Dr Douglas intends to contest his Gold Coast seat of Gaven as an independent, and says he's got a chance of retaining it due to his strong anti-corruption stance. "I think you'll be surprised how well I do, but in fact I'm quite happy to be at the mercy of my own electorate," he said. "Whatever they decide for me will suit me fine, I don't feel that I'm the centre of the universe.

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