Paul Zahra leaves David Jones after acquisition

By Elysse Morgan

The high-profile chief executive of David Jones, Paul Zahra, has suddenly quit the company following its recent acquisition by South African firm Woolworths.

Woolworths South Africa has run Country Road for the past 17 years and recently took full control of the brand after a long-running feud with retail king Solomon Lew.

Mr Zahra has been replaced by Iain Nairn, who comes to the department store after leading fashion label Country Road.

Photo: Paul Zahra says the acquisition of the retailer by Woolworths South Africa provided a “natural exit point”.

Also stepping aside from Country Road to the department store is David Thomas, who will take up the newly created position of chief operating officer.

The moves have sparked a reshuffle at Country Road, with Matt Keogh being promoted from managing director of Witchery to chief of the Country Road Group.

Woolworths SA chief Ian Moir thanked Mr Zahra for his stewardship of David Jones in what he described as difficult circumstances.

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