PNG urged to implement gun control

The author of a report on gun violence in guinea/” title=”View all articles about Papua New Guinea here”>Papua New Guinea says none of his recommendations have been acted on, nine years after he handed his findings to then prime minister, Sir Michael Somare.

General Singirok says many members of PNG‘s police force also earn a living as private security guards.

General Singirok, himself a business owner, says the tense security environment affects “every aspect of business considerations”.

General Singirok’s comments came as the World Bank released a report showing that eight in 10 businesses in PNG suffered substantial losses as a result of crime and violence.

“Many investors and potential investors in guinea/” title=”View all articles about Papua New Guinea here”>Papua New Guinea have to spend a significant percentage of their investment in physical security,” he told Radio Australia‘s Pacific Beat program.

General Singirok’s 2005 gun control report is the most in-depth study into PNG’s gun culture and put forward a number of sweeping changes to the country’s gun laws.

Former PNG Defence Force Commander, General Jerry Singirok, says law and order problems are holding back the country’s economic development.

It’s worker’s insurance, investment in communications, in mobility, in their own personal security,” General Singirok said.

“If a person doing a business plan doesn’t take security seriously, they’ll have serious problems operating in Papua New Guinea,” he said.

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