PPL scheme not dead: Hockey


Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said Mr Abbott was out on a limb in promoting the scheme. "The whole of the nation knows it's a multibillion-dollar farce," he told reporters in Arnhem Land on Sunday. "How is it you can ask the bottom half of income-earning Australians to have pensions, schools and hospital (funding) cut and a new GP tax, and yet provide millionaires with the opportunity to get tens of thousands of dollars in parental leave? "In this case Tony Abbott is on his own; either he will quietly bury the proposition and we'll never see the legislation and he'll save face … or he listens to Australians.

Legislation for the proposed $5. 5 billion scheme has been quietly shelved amid internal disquiet and is unlikely to be introduced to parliament until next year, Fairfax Media reports, but Mr Hockey says he is willing to hold talks with senators to convince them of its merits. "There's a fair bit of misinformation around at the moment, starting with the PPL

Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce sidestepped questions about the delay on Sunday, saying the scheme was still on track for introduction in July next year. "There's a range of other things that we want to get out of the way," Mr Joyce told Sky News.

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