Star Wars Original Trilogy Blu-rays: Has The Time Passed?

By Alex Kidman

Disney hasn’t had that kind of control over Star Wars previously, but it does now, and it faces the issue that for every diehard Star Wars fan who longs for an HD version of the original trilogy in original format, there’ll be another slightly less keen fan who may well look at the various DVD releases, Blu-Ray releases, Laserdisc releases and VHS releases and figure they’ve got enough copies of those particular movies, especially if a “remastered” version of just three films came in over, say, $100 when first released.

It’s a long shot, and I’m left wondering if it’ll ever happen. Comicbook. com broke the story over the weekend, claiming “sources” that said that there were plans within Disney and Lucasfilm to release an unaltered cut version of the first Star Wars trilogy to Blu-Ray.

The digital bits did a great article on this a while ago where they speculated that Disney had already put a deal together to release the unaltered original trilogy on Blu-ray before they had even purchased the rights to make more Star Wars movie and it all makes perfect sense.

Read more here: Gizmodo


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