Steam Might Be Getting TV Shows, Movies And Music

By Campbell Simpson

In September 2013, Valve started offering software like 3DMark through Steam, so this most recent beta update could be the continuation of a yearly upgrade cycle, and could mean see something pretty exciting happening in a week or two.

A small update to Valve’s Steam software beta a few hours ago has added in some new app categories — including music, TV series, and films.

To access the new app types — not that they exist as yet — you’ll need to be a member of the Steam Beta Update group, which you can join in the Accounts tab of the software’s settings page.

Valve added some new app types in a recent Steam Beta update: film, TV series, video, plugin and music. #hype pic. twitter.

There are a few films on Steam at the moment — like Indie Game: The Movie — but a much wider selection of media would make it more appealing for building a long-lifed digital content library.

As it stands, Steam is already the digital download store du jour for gamers, eclipsing its nearest rival, EA’s Origin, purely through the sheer force of a decade of user accounts.

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