Taxi drivers angry at new app service Uber

Taxi drivers in Perth have challenged the West Australian Government to make a difficult choice, between them or the controversial app service, Uber.

The taxi industry is angry that some drivers, or “partners” as Uber describes them, have been flouting regulations by accepting fees less than the minimum fare allowed for Small Charter Vehicles of $60.

The RAC, which has commissioned its own review of the taxi industry, says Uber’s success shows it is providing a service that people like.

Mr Lance, who has been driving cabs in Perth for over 30 years, believes there will always be a market for taxi drivers, regardless of the growth of smartphone apps.

“Uber is one organisation, we are many families,” one driver told the ABC during a visit to one of Perth’s busiest taxi ranks, at the domestic airport.

The resentment has been building since a recent Liberal Party State conference when WA Transport Minister Dean Nalder told delegates that deregulation of the taxi industry was inevitable.

He is meeting other drivers’ groups in Melbourne next week to discuss how the taxi industry can counter the effects of Uber.

“We are very cranky that there have been no fines issued that we’re aware of,” Howard Lance of Perth’s Taxi Industry Forum said.

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