Terror acts could occur in Australia: Abbott


Mr Abbott said the "hideous" act committed by an allegedly British terrorist highlighted the unique threat posed by homegrown jihadism. "This is not just something that happens elsewhere," he told reporters in Melbourne on Thursday. "It could happen in countries like Australia if we relax our vigilance against terrorism and potential terrorism here on our shores.

Meanwhile, NSW Premier Mike Baird acknowledged conflicts in the Middle East were having a "knock-on" effect in the local Muslim community. "Obviously there is tension," he told a budget estimate hearing. "People are responding to what they see happen to brothers and sisters and family members overseas … but my imploring to local community leaders is don't import that tension here.

But some Islamic groups boycotted a meeting with the prime minister in Melbourne, an act Mr Abbott called "petty" and foolish. "You can hardly complain that people aren't talking to you then when you offer them a talk, say `Sorry we're not coming'," he said.

Mr Abbott said their allegiance to ISIL - which he described as possibly the most effective terrorist organisation in the world - was a threat Australia would be working through with Indonesia. "That does indicate the potential for increased terrorist activity in our region," he said.

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