The Government Has An Official Response To The IT Pricing Inquiry, But You Can’t See It Yet

By Luke Hopewell

As yet, there hasn’t been a huge response in submissions to the question on IT pricing laid out in the root-and-branch review, so we’ll have to see how the government tackles that from a competition perspective.

A year has gone by since the final report was submitted to the Parliament, but sadly it was swept under the political rug in favour of electioneering and a change of government from Labor to the Coalition.

A source close to the report has told us this morning that the Government’s response paper does exist, but it’s currently going through the final approval stages before it can be released to the public.

It had been reported that the release of the Government’s response would coincide with the one-year anniversary of tabling the final report, but a week has since gone by and no response has materialised.

For example, if the rights to a song or movie or other piece of content are licensed by the copyright owner for use in one jurisdiction but not another, then geoblocking is used so that the content cannot be accessed online in the jurisdiction where the copyright owner has not licensed its use.

That Coalition government finally has a response to the recommendations made by the inquiry, but you can’t see it just yet. Here’s why.

The issues paper for the inquiry asked how the government could regulate the market to ensure that tech and gadgets carry fairer prices.

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