The next Tim Cecil

By Alan Kohler

And so not only was Tim Cecil, the great grandson of Henry Buck, able to spend 10 years mentoring the only possible family successor to him, the lad had the same name (his brother James is a musician and his sister Romy is still at university, so not in the succession mix).

Henry’s grandson Peter Dennett flew a Lancaster bomber in World War II and was shot down over France in 1944, leaving a succession gap that meant that his father, Henry Buck’s son-in-law Fred Dennett, had to run the store well into his late 70s.

He had emigrated from England three years earlier and got a job on a sheep farm in NSW, not far from Mildura, but his fiancee Laura Jane Rose joined him there and put her foot down: farm life was not for her, so they went off to Melbourne where Henry learned how to cut shirts.

Uncle Tim is a great grandson of the fabled Henry Buck and the young Tim’s father, Jonathan Cecil, is the other one.

Henry Bucks now has six stores — three in Melbourne, including one that’s well located at the entrance to the Qantas Club at Melbourne Airport, two in Sydney and one in Adelaide, plus City Hatters.

The family still owns City Hatters and, if anything, it’s more iconic than the famous Henry Buck store in Collins Street.

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