The questions Macquarie won’t answer

In its new response, Macquarie also alleged that Fairfax Media published a claim ‘‘that Macquarie wrongly sent letters to clients’’ that was ‘‘without foundation’’.

Macquarie said it would be referring articles published by Fairfax Media on Saturday to the Australian Press Council ‘‘given the inaccurate, unattributed and unsubstantiated claims they contain’’.

In a response to Fairfax Media posted on its website on Sunday night, Macquarie said it had ‘‘examined the claim and found no evidence of it’’.

Macquarie Group says it has investigated claims a cheat-sheet, known as the ‘‘Penske File’’, was circulated among advisers in its troubled Macquarie Private Wealth (MPW) division.

Since Macquarie entered into its EU with ASIC, has Macquarie sent letters to clients (or their representatives) treated as wholesale/sophisticated asking them for Qualified Accountant’s Certificate?

Macquarie also complained that Fairfax Media claimed that a former client was misclassified as a sophisticated investor.

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