Twitter eyes NRL, AFL video deals

Australian managing director Karen Stocks said that Twitter had trialled the video content with "pre-roll ad­vertisements" for the NBA and live television events such as the Golden Globes. "If you have the rights to a live event, you only have a certain period of time to get viewers to tune into your ­program," she said. "The idea is that it drives people to go back and watch more of the content on the network itself. "If it is basketball for example, they might see an unbelievable slam dunk on their phone and think ‘oh my gosh, the basketball is on I have to go tune in’. "Channel Ten used highlight reels on Twitter for the Winter Olympics and programs like Offspring are doing previews of what is coming up on this week’s episode," Ms Stocks said.

The man in charge of monetising Twitter, Adam Bain, arrived in Sydney on Sunday, ahead of a series of meetings with media executives including Nine Entertainment chief executive David Gyngell, to discuss the prospect of social media tie-ups, particularly for the AFL and NRL as the finals season kicks off. "After a great score, or the moment a play has unfolded, we would tweet it out together with the league or the broadcaster," Mr Bain told Fairfax Media.  "We would have a ­pre-roll advertisement that would ­preface that piece of content.

Mr Bain said their research showed Twitter and TV work "very nicely together" as audiences are driven from one medium to the other and "dual screen" media consumption soars. "You look at programs like The Voice or The Block that are effectively doing Twitter integration, it increases the chances that someone who is not ­watching that program will look down at their phone, see a bunch of conver­sations and tune in," he said.

But social media expert at Open Universities Australia, Kristen Boschma said the challenge would be whether fans will endure a three to 15-second advertisement before watching a "live" sporting moment. "Embedding a pre-roll ad into a video is a pretty gutsy move," she said. "If you missed Beyoncé’s perform at the Golden Globes, I think you might be prepared to sit through an ad to watch something that happened 24 hours ago, but we are so engrossed in our sport I am not sure whether people will be ­willing to tolerate it.

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