Vodafone boss rails against Telstra's NBN bounty

Vodafone boss rails against Telstra's NBN bounty

By Paul Wallbank

In Mr Berroeta’s view, the telecommunication playing field is being distorted by the current arrangements between Telstra and NBN Co, which is expected to see the telco receive $90 billion dollars in payments over the three decades. “If we talk about fixed line markets, Australia is the most expensive market in the OECD. ” Berroeta said, citing the statistic that Vodafone’s Australian transmission fees were three times higher than comparable overseas markets. “There is a paradox in Australia where the home country of one of the most profitable telecommunication companies in the world is also the country that has one of the biggest public investments in communications infrastructure,” Mr Berroeta added. “The reason why this has happened is there is not really competition.

Speaking at the Trans-Tasman Business Circle lunch on Wednesday, Mr Berroeta delivered a harsh assessment of the domestic market, saying that the competitive landscape was still geared to give Telstra maximum advantage. “Our job is to create a very strong Vodafone,” Mr Berroeta said. “We ask the policy makers to create a level competition playing field.

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